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A real AF podcast about how all of us can live our best lives naturally. 


With a focus on healing with foods and herbs, we also want to create a space where people feel included and showcase guests in the wellness space who have insightful, experienced, worldly wisdom they genuinely care to share.


Our mission is for the conversations we hold space for to be real, authentic, spiritual - and whatever it needs to be to nourish people's minds.

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KAM - EP1 (1) (1).png goes - we've launched a podcast and we are so excited to connect with you all in a way that feels fun, authentic, REAL...and REALLY worthwhile. We are so excited to share with you conversations that inspire us all to live better, love better, and be better - on your own (natural) terms. 

First things first we'd love to introduce a little more about ourselves and hence this little mini interview series between ourselves - we can't wait to "meet", talk about you. Same same but different. 

KAM EP 2 (1) (1).png

Today we chat with Margo Dalinghaus of WHOLE BEAUTY INC. who is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and post graduate training in Cognitive Therapy from the Beck Institute in Philadelphia PA. Creating health and happiness has always been the driving force in Margo’s career, and many  accomplishments support her work as a FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) Practitioner. 

We discuss her work with horses (specifically WHY this animal was chosen for such trauma relief work), how she knew that she wanted to heal/work with horses, and who would benefit from working with Margo and the horses (and how). 

KAM EP 3 (1).png

Learn more about Amber's favourite adaptogenic herb: Holy Basil! What does it do, how does it help, and how can you use it to seriously increase the quality of your life? Amber explains all.


BUT FIRST: Kiki gives you a quick-start tutorial on understanding what "adaptogens" really are! (& what they're NOT!).

KAM EP 4 (1).png

In today's no BS conversation with Jeff Chilton, Founder of Nammex, we chat all about medicinal mushrooms (including an in-depth conversation on red reishi mushroom) - and how to source the very best, for the very best results.

Jeff doesn't hold back in sharing the myths surrounding this ever-increasing in popularity topic, and offers easy, applicable insights that we as consumers can use to find and test the highest quality medicinal mushroom extracts - so that we actually FEEL the magical effects this kingdom can bring to our lives!

KAM EP 5 (1).png

Diana Osborne is a Toronto based Holistic Hair Expert, providing a safe and healthy space to create beautiful hair and educate on lifestyle and products that are good for you and the world! She is opening Hair Holistic Studio, a hair salon offering conscious goods and services.

In anticipation of her new studio launch, we chatted with Diana about:

  • How she got into "holistic hair care" and what that evens means

  • Some of the ways we can be more mindful when it comes to caring for our hair - without sacrificing style

  • Tips on shopping for hair care products

Listen in to get a whole new take on "healthy hair". You're worth it.

KAM EP 6.png

Calli OBrien is the CEO and Co-founder of My Matcha Life®. Since 2006 Calli has worked with the world’s top Japanese Matcha Tea Masters, produced a 26 minute matcha video documentary, guest lectured at the prestigious Smithsonian Institute and co-authored the definitive Matcha B2B Report. Calli leads her company with a focus on health and wellness and a desire to make a difference in peoples lives.

We interviewed Calli on the world of matcha - including common MISTAKES & MYTHS around this trendy superfood ingredient, and actionable tips on how you can implement matcha into your daily routine for less stress, more energy, and even more efficient fat-burning workouts!


PS for a sweet deal on THE BEST Matcha from My Matcha Life, use promo code KIKI20 for 20% off your next order!

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Within a safe space of love and support, Terri Swan empowers women to transform their womb wounds and be nurtured from heartache to healing to wholeness.

We spoke with Terri about:

  • Her own journey with grief recovery and how it ultimately tied in with her womb

  • The science & history behind beamer light therapy

  • Some of her most surprising + profound experiences witnessed as it relates to working with colour + light

  • What Terri wishes more people knew/understood about this concept


You can check out more about Terri's work as well as her various offerings on

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Kerry Ford is a holistic/NeuroScience based wellness expert in Tonic herbalism, Intuitive|Quantum healing, Medical Meditation + Spiritual Consulting. 

She Founded NEURO-FLOW, a simple, powerful neuro-roadmap that takes dormant genius + activates it into action, clearing unconscious blocks (beliefs) that stop our flow of Genius to Greatness.

Today on the show we chatted with Kerry about:

  • Why we hate "trends" and other things that bug us in the "wellness space"

  • Her fave go-to herbs

  • Natural skincare tips for more beauty and less stress

  • The importance of drinking the RIGHT KIND of water

You can check Kerry out at

EPISODE THUMBNAIL _ Kiki & The Muse (2).

Vitina Blumenthal is a self-discovery educator, certified Yoga instructor, entrepreneur, founder of WanderfulSoul & host of the Soul Compass podcast.

Today on the show we chatted with Vitina all about Energetic Digestion - what that means, & most importantly: what the heck we can do about it! Some of the questions we dove into include:

  • What intrigued you to start studying energetics/chakra system?

  • Is energetic digestion similar to the way we would digest food?

  • What does a block in the energetic system look/feel like?

  • How do you identify a block and how do you ‘digest’ it?


You can check out Vitina at:

EPISODE THUMBNAIL _ Kiki & The Muse (3).

Human Design is a transformational system for self-fulfilment - at least it has been for me (Kiki!), and hence why I'm so passionate about getting everyone more familiar with the magic that is HD!

Today on the show we let HD Expert Anna Wrona introduce it to you & alllll the juiciness on why the heck you should (most definitely) care.

Anna was introduced to Human Design in 2005. She has since studied extensively through books and with Chetan Parkyn, who worked closely with the founder of HD, and was the very first teacher of this revolutionary system. 

Today on the show we dive into what the heck human design is and how you can use it to totally change your life for the better!


You can check out Anna at: & on IG @readmydesign

KAM - EP11.png

Whether you dread or love winter, you're going to think about this season (& your health!) in a whole new way after listening to this insightful conversation we had with Neelam Toprani - an Ayurvedic researcher and formulator. She shared many unknown secrets which will likely blow your mind (they certainly did ours) when it comes to Ayurveda, and in particular, she discussed:

  • What Ayurveda even is

  • Winter from an Ayurveda perspective

  • Tips for staying healthy throughout this season

  • Her go-to strategies for beating the winter blues


Neelam has a lifelong experience in Ayurveda. She is a teacher, lecturer and is passionate in sharing her knowledge in the wisdom of Ayurveda since 2007.

One of the objectives of her company, Sewanti, is to take the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda and translate it into practical solutions to improve the quality of modern day life.

KAM EP 12 (2).png

Jessie has been speaking about spirituality's potential relevance in the world of mental health for over ten years now.  She's been able to better understand the two worlds through her own life experiences as well as through the eyes of thousands of clients that visit her for guidance and energy clearings.  

In today's chat we explore: 


  • The kind of "spiritual healing" work Jessie does and how it practically and authentically relates to the world of mental health

  • Some of the modalities she's found most healing/empowering for clients when it comes to developing the self

  • How can we get better in touch with our "best selves" and consciously practice fulfilling our potential

  • How can we LITERALLY work with spirituality to find peace and be happy TODAY

EPISODE THUMBNAIL _ Kiki & The Muse (5).

What's "Tarot" anyways? In this conversation with Kait Fowlie - Toronto-based tarot reader, reiki practitioner and moon watcher - we get into exactly what tarot is, and what is isn't! Most importantly, what it can do for a person as a personal practice. Kait is really of the mind that tarot works, but only if we WORK it! It's a tool and like all tools, our intention really informs the outcome, in our lives - and, it's messages are only as useful as we are willing to take action on, and we really only 'hear' what we're ready to hear. 

In our episode, tarot is well and truly demystified - the more you know about tarot, the more you understand about how you do it YOUR way, the more magic it really becomes. It can totally change lives, and it does so by empowering us. 

You can learn more about Kait and her offerings on her website here:

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In this conversation with Ido Magal, founder of Lavido Beauty, we discuss:

  • How & why Ido switched from pursuing naturopathic medicine and went into natural skincare instead

  • Unlike most skincare brands, Lavido's products are dermatologically tested + are in clinical studies (very uncommon in the natural skincare world) - Ido shares why this is important and other ways consumers can use to find trustworthy natural skincare products

  • Some of Ido's all-time favourite ingredients for the skin (including some of the more "underrated" ones)

  • The most surprising & valuable thing that Ido has learned from working in this industry 

Learn more about Lavido:

KAM - EP 15.png

Emily Baadsvik is a bad-a$$, proud New Brunswick import who embodies exactly what it is to be a Wild Thing. She's not only hilarious - but an insightful advocate for "real world wellness", and in today's chat she gives us the run-down on probiotics & gut-healing wisdom that you can implement into your life - even if you're not a crazy health nut.

Emily is also the Co-Founder of Wild Tea Kombucha which you can check out here:

KAM - An Intro to a %22Plant-Medicine Ce

Jennifer Pereira is a healer and psychodelic coach - but she's probably NOT what you're thinking. A modern woman who guides women through working with psilocybin to unleash their utmost potential - whether it be in their relationships, work life, or that juicy feeling of abundant self-love we all hear about from using these mushrooms - she is The Modern Woo.

Listen in to get a powerhouse FEMALE perspective on micro-dosing, heroic dosing, and everything in-between...

You can learn more about & connect with Jennifer here:

EPISODE THUMBNAIL _ Kiki & The Muse (7).

Brookelynn Rogers' purpose on this Earth is to help you heal your energy and activate your authentic superpowers. 


By healing your roots you’re able to find clarity in the present moment and discover true authenticity.


Listen in for a real-life, grounded take on the modern intuitive of day - she's sharing actionable takeaways to find & reconnect with your REAL, TRUE self.

You can find Brookelynn on IG @rootsrisingco

EPISODE THUMBNAIL _ Kiki & The Muse (8).

Jennifer is a Registered BioEnergetics Intolerance Elimination Practitioner and Holistic Nutritionist.

Her purpose as a BIE Practitioner is to support and guide you to a state of optimal health and wellbeing. The approach involves identifying any substance that may be aggravating your body, and then normalizing you to that substance. She does this by using BIE, a safe and noninvasive technology that re-introduces the electromagnetic frequencies of the substance back to your body. This then allows your body to recognize the substance, and deal with it appropriately, leading to the alleviation of the associated symptoms.

We were totally blown away with the healing insights she shared in this conversation - and know you will be too! Enjoy!

EPISODE THUMBNAIL _ Kiki & The Muse (9).

Today we get real with Sauce Boss Kailey Gilchrist - AKA Founder of NONA Vegan Foods Ltd.

Tune in to hear the truth behind the food industry & tips and tricks for rocking a seriously saucy bad a** life without harming a living thang!

Kailey even shares her go-to strategies for getting enough nutrients and "protein" whilst living totally plant-based...with a few hacks on hand, you can do it with ease and grace too - we promise ;)

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